Rindge PD Update – Changes for the current COVID-19 guidelines

Due to the ongoing Federal guidelines relating to COVID-19, the front office will have limited access for the public to limit contact as has been suggested. We will post a sign on the door as to how we are handling public interactions.

During the normal business hours, the front door will be locked and the public is asked to use the silver intercom call box to speak to someone inside the PD. If there is no response, the blue call box can be used to call our dispatch center directly, 24/7. We are asking the community attempt to conduct business with us, including scheduling appointments for pistol permit pick-ups etc, via a phone call. The best line for 24/7 service will be our dispatch phone number: 603-355-2000 (Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office).

Below is a list of changes made:

  • There is also now an online form for anyone wishing to make a NON-EMERGENCY report to us. This is found on our website and through this link.
  • The DEA Drug Take-back Day has been cancelled. We are looking forward to hosting this in the Fall as we have done the past several years.
  • We ask the public to respect the “social distancing” rule using the 6 foot recommended distance.
  • If we respond to your house or business, please do not be offended if we conduct interaction outdoors or through doors/windows.

While we are in uncharted territory here, we are following all the recommended guidelines. Some of these decisions were also made at the recommendation of the town this morning and are effective immediately. Please call us as we will keep our normal staffing during this time. We will work with the public to address issues as they arise and have the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to respond when necessary. We are preparing to offer the best support that we can, while abiding by best practices to limit exposure. Thank you all in advance ~ Chief Anair.