2019 Annual Town Report

2019 Annual Report

2019 has been a busy but promising year for the Rindge Police Department.  Experiencing continued staff turnover, and having an officer in either an academy or field training ended in October and we are at full staff for the first time in 6 years!  Officer Brianna Rogers filled our last full time position.  With that being said, the first 3 quarters of the year were extremely busy and having us being short staffed meant that officers stepped up to ensure shift coverage and thus took time away from their families and friends to be here to cover the town. 

What does full staffing mean to us?  We now have more shifts with a second officer on.  By re-evaluating the schedule, we were able to make some new creative shifts to cover our busier times allowing us to better handle our community’s demand on our services.  It also means that officers will now have a more even case flow to allow them less time behind the desk.  

In continued efforts to include much of our data including calls for service (CFS), arrests, cases and charges, case status, motor vehicle stops (MVS) and accidents have all been published on our web page, https://rindgepolice.com/.  This is an ongoing vision of mine and we will continue to work on this flow of data and provide as much knowledge as possible to the volume and types of calls we are responding to.  I believe in providing statistics, as an agency, about what we are responding to on a regular basis.  We are working on keeping the data as conscience and robust as we can but are limited by the software that we currently use for our records.  We have explored other programs and are actively seeking funding for this type of conversion, however, this will likely be a long term plan but remains a priority.    

Both the drug and sharps drop box are still being utilized on a regular basis here at the PD which shows the continuing need for this.  I am glad to see that other agencies have taken this initiative on as well and are making these boxes available to the public.  Our online exchange zone is also still doing well and is still being utilized.  It is nice to see that the projects from last year are still having a positive impact and making for a better community.

We continue to have cases that receive local media attention and we continue to work in cooperation with other jurisdictions including state and federal agencies.  Rindge was commended by other agencies for the ease of cooperation and transition in joint cases.  It is a good feeling to know that all the hard work of this agency shows through inter agency calls. 

Calls for Service328734824011
Misdemeanor Offenses249256230
Felony Offenses6210067
Misdemeanor Arrests6275135
Felony Arrests111411
Juvenile Arrests450
DWI Arrests141218
Motor Vehicle Stops107312801486
MVS Warnings98111751355
MVS Summons92105246
Vehicle Accidents115121108
MVA Fatalities100
Animal Control329305270

Statistically, our calls for service significantly increased from 2018, seeing a large increase in total arrests from 129 to 205.  We continue to see a significant increase in violence, domestic incidents, forgery and property damage.  The increases has remained steady across the board in all lines and have kept the department very busy.  We took some initiatives in traffic enforcement this year to include a “Saturation Patrol” which was conducted with NH State Police.  While there was some misunderstanding in this, this type of patrol is done in high volume traffic areas to raise awareness to a particular problem.  Both State Police and the Rindge Police Department felt this was an effective way to assist in raising awareness to the traffic violations with volume in that area.  We also are awarded grants from the NH Office of Highway Safety based on our data and request.  These grants helped by putting an extra patrol car designated specifically for traffic enforcement.  We were able to add several 4 hour patrols throughout the year where the officer was specifically assigned to traffic enforcement. 

It has been a busy year here at the Rindge Police Department.  I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Rindge by continuing to work within the community and addressing the ongoing needs through community outreach and actively participating in community events.  We will be looking to add newsletters via email, proactive & community policing as well as opening dialogs through meetings, speaking engagements and blogs as needed.  I would like to speak for both myself and the staff to say thank you for your continued support and kindness over the last year.  It truly means a lot to all of us to have your continued support.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel J Anair

Chief of Police