Rindge PD Data Portal

What is the Rindge PD Data Portal? We have made efforts to be transparent with our community and allow them the ability to see most of what it is we deal with as an agency. Why only most? There are investigations to be performed, victims that are protected and other sensitive information that is exempt by NH RSA 91-A standards (and 260:14, the Driver Privacy Act). Most of the data you will find in the data portal is just that, data. We put out the data in a visualization format that can make the understanding a little better to comprehend and provide some context of what the numbers are and what we are doing.

What better way to let people know about the events in there area than giving them the data to see for themselves? Maps, numbers, totals; they can all have meaning. We are looking to move towards a more proactive and evidence based approach to policing. As these changes arise, we will keep you, our community, apprised of what we are looking to do and why and what we have to support our decision to change or adapt or practices. We will also send out information on what some of these approaches are and how they can be a more effective and efficient use of our resources.

As the time permits, we look to increase the aesthetic of the visualizations that represent our data and hope that we can get it to tell the story of what goes on in our town.

You can usually find weekly updates to the data by the end of the work day on Mondays (except for holidays and vacations that interfere with regular weekly updates). If you have questions, please contact us here.

Nick, Records Manager